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Botanical Daily Moisturizer With Zinc SPF 30

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What is DermaSet SPF Moisturizer?

The DermaSet SPF Moisturizer was formulated to protect the skin from sun damage and provide continuous moisture to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and reduce discoloration. Facial moisturizers with SPF are well known to support collagen production and retain moisture that is often weakened by sun exposure. When used consistently, it creates dewy, supple skin and may lessen the need for cosmetic surgery in the future.

Our SPF moisturizer successfully incorporates organic compounds and minerals to effectively block UVB, which can burn the top layer of the skin. It also offers minimum protection against UVA, which goes deeper into the skin and damages skin cells. Packed with sun protecting ingredients, DermaSet SPF Moisturizer can reduce premature skin aging, collagen degradation and increase skin elasticity while reducing wrinkles and dark spots. DermaSet SPF Moisturizer harnesses major sun protection and moisture to leave your skin dewy and radiant.